Client Testimonials

Your mixes sound fantastic! Thanks a million. It's all gorgeous. Brilliant.

Taylor Jessen/Firesign Theatre

This is fantastic!! Thanks so much, really beautiful. And thanks for getting it done so quickly before the holidays hit.

John Snyder

Amazing the difference. You know I'm a die hard tv mixer guy and -10db is THE LAW. I never like to see yellow on the meters, it doesn't sound right, psychological. But through your Mastering gear that level is VERY smooth and details really stand out. 

John Wiggins/HBO

I just listened to the whole thing it sounds fucking great. 

Todd Souvignier/Abusements

Overall I like what you did with all three pieces very much, and they sounded good in a wide range of playback scenarios (studio monitors, bookshelf speakers, various headphones, and in my car). 

Cheryl Leonard

I'm pleased, as always! Everything is sounding wonderful to m years. It never gets old hearing the unmastered versions, and then you're pre-mastering work. I love this process.

Kevin Bergeron/Waxwork Records

Right on. KICK ASS! You put the right BITE onto it, IMO.

Scott Amendola

WOW!!! Swift and thorough!! Will listen ASAP and many thanks, Tom!

Nels Clines

Thank you so very much for the great work and ultra quick turnaround! A pleasure as always.

Jonathan Snipes

I think it sounds more open and alive, a kind of dynamic analogness. It was a pleasure working with you again.

Nezzy Idy

Hey Thomas, the masters sound huge. Sounds really great. I think you should up your rates : ) I'm happier with these (minus the actual music) than the records that were sent to Doug Sax and Ted Jensen.

Michael Rossback

Woah, Tom, these are KILLLLERRRR. It's funny I've been giving you so much 'repair' work with old janky recordings I forgot how awesome mastering is when you bring in well-prepared freshly recorded stuff that doesn't need to be repaired just to be audible. It is quite gratifying.

Aria Jalali/Railcars

As a mastering engineer I think you totally 'get it'. I don't have to explain 'please don't squash the dynamic range out of our tracks' 3-4 times. I don't have to explain that I want it this way or that way, or less boomy, or anything. It all comes out really really well, and the whole process is painless and simple. I've worked with mastering engineers who worked in the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood and a couple of other people who have mastering labs, all of whom have done indie and major stuff, but I strongly prefer your sense of musicality, sense of dynamics, EQ'ing, and everything else in your mastering.

Ken Lee/The Mercury Seven

Sounds bloody marvelous, Tom. The mixing/ mastering is done! Say Yeah! You've done a great job w/ one very neurotic client. Thank you man.

Jordan Newhouse/Birdman Ray

It feels really great to have the record turn out so well... Everyone who hears the record really loves the sound and the songs.

Kyle Fischer/Scary Mansion

Sweeeeet man! Everything is really sounding bad ass!

Kyle Gollob/The Dendrites

Thomas Dimuzio is very professional, easy to work with, and willing to do what it takes to overcome most any problem. In our experience, he sticks close to just what we're looking for from mastering service, rather than making the material sound the way he thinks it should.

Mitchell Altum/Triumvirate Records

The mastering was a great experience, and I am eager to do the same for my other stuff.

Marcelo/Nuisance Beacon

I really would have no hesitation recommending Tom and Gench Studio at all, he knows his stuff, and I'm extremely pleased with what he did for the record.

Scott/Crionic Mind

Was VERY happy with the sound of the disc, and was especially impressed with the removal of the tape hiss that was present in some of the tracks. The cd overall sounds fantastic!

Artemis K

I've had a couple of good listens, and I think it sounds extremely good. Outstanding work - my eternal thanks chief!

Fred Frith/Fred Records

Thanks so much for your mastering wizardry and your patience and warmth in what is for us a slightly delirious activity. We listened back to everything and it's sounding really strong, so I'm sending this stuff off tomorrow.

Drew Daniel/Matmos

Sounds REEEEEL good, man. Thanks.

David Kerman/ReR USA