Audio Restoration Rates & Services

Broadband noise reduction, declicking, decrackling and phase-linear equalization are handled with a stable of digital plug-ins including Sonic Solutions NoNoise, Izotope RX, Wave Arts and Waves Sound Restoration/Masters series. These tools in the right hands can result in a stunning improvement over the original sound sources.

selected projects

  • • "Live in Japan" - Fred Frith (ReR Megacorp)

  • • "Totentanz and other electronic works 1958-1973" - Warner Jepson (Melon Expander)

  • • "The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions" - Michael Moorcock (Noh Poetry)

  • • "Black Iris" - Fred Frith Guitar Quartet (Punos Music)

  • • "My Bloody Valentine [Original Soundtrack]" (Waxwork Records)