The Wire Review: Uncertain Symmetry

Some 12 years ago, West Coast electroacoustic composer Thomas Dimuzio and feedback sculptor David Lee Myers were working on a collaboration, when Myers abruptly dismantled all the feedback machines, which he had used on the stunningly bleak albums Also Sprach Zarathustra and Trout he made under the name Arcane Device, and ceased producing his brand of metal machine music. Happily, he is now back in business, and here he rekindles his long stalled collaboration with accomplished sound manipulator Dimuzio. His feedback machines might be ancient history, but Myers retains his lust for their tonal fibrillations. For their pointillist exercise in the use of feedback, Dimuzio and Myers filter, slice and twist their sonic waste into icy, cascading slivers. At peak intensity, their jagged music threatens to pierce the skin. —Jim Haynes