Vital Weekly Review : Links Outa Here

On April the 1st of this year Abigail Lavine died of breast cancer. She was the girlfriend of Scott Konzelman (Chop Shop), and this CD is to support them. 23 tracks by friends, and two by herself on a lengthy CD. Among them we find a whole bunch of people from the noise scene, that includes many US ones, but also some Europeans like Leif Elggren, Francisco Lopez, Peter Duimelinks and C.M. von Hauswolff. Some of these people do whatever they are good at, like AMK's turntable abuse, Blackhumour's tape-looped voices, or the fine sound processing of Small Cruel Party or Daniel Menche. Since Abigail was involved in the ancient technqiue of 8-track there are some of those, the most frigthening by Egnekn entitled 'Stairway to 8-track Heaven'. In all a sincere product, which you should buy, if only for the good cause. —Frans de Waard