V.I.O.R. Review: Mono : : Poly

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound producer of discs and designer, Dimuzio has long experience of electronic exploration and improvisation. His first own-produced cassettes go back to 1988 and, although he has to some extent remained relatively ignored, the years enabled him to refine a style with horse on the music concrete and noise. Moreover, little fame did not prevent him from taking part in many concerts, since he presents to us here a double compilation of recordings in public, appearing in solo on the first and accompanied by various collaborators on the second. Among these, one notices Chris Cutler and Fred Frith, DJ Q-Bert (Invisibl Skratch Pikl) and Wobbly (Tigerbeat6). The pallete is broad, but homogeneous, and does not exclude, like too often elsewhere, subtlety. (4 stars) - Réjean Beaucage