Sonic Curiosity Review: Preacher in Naked Chase Guilty

Experimental music in a freeform cacaphonic vein by chris Cutler (from Henry Cow, and Art Bears), Thomas Dimuzio (American synthesist), and C.W.Vrtacek (from Forever Einstein). Utlizing instruments including lowgrade electronics, percussion, radio, digital sampler, analog sythesizer, processors, guitar and ray gun, this trio have produced a 44 minute soundscape that is intriguing as it is unsettling. What first seems to be chaos slowly melts into a flow of modern noise that is far more intellectual than industrial.

The long piece is electronically broken into 25 tracks and the liner notes urge the listener to reprogram their CD player and listen to the tracks in a reshuffled order to keep the music alive with refreshing changes. —Matt Howarth