Ink Nineteen Review: Markoff Process

To quote the liner notes, "Markoff Process features a series of concerts performed and recorded by Thomas Dimuzio during 1990 and 1991. All titles were improvised using an interactive system of digital samplers and processors with realtime control—no sequencers or backing tapes were employed."

The results of this interactive improvisation are ten compositions of layered sounds. The music reminds me of the work of :Zoviet-France: not only in sound but in feeling as well. I always have the most interesting, vivid dreams when I fall asleep to :Zoviet-France:, and the same thing happens with the work of Thomas Dimuzio. The music conveys colors and images and feelings through subtle soundscapes whether I'm awake or not, it just seems to be more intense when I'm unconscious. Don't get the worng idea—this is by no means new age music. There is nothing light, fluffy, or excruciatingly boring about this disc. This is soft-textured experimental music of the highest caliber.

Another thing that interests me about Dimuzio's work is that it's a recording of live improvisation, so you're actually experiencing the moment of this music's creation as you listen. A wonderful release from an incredible artist. —Andrew Chadwick