Feverpitch Review: Sonicism

Every once in a while I hear something that makes me want to give up making my own version of the ever-changing reality. This is one of those discs. The music is separated into two major titles, one on each disc: (a) Internment, and (b) Intermersion, with the second disc more powerfully expressing its theme. How can I describe this? Deep sonic booming juxtaposed with the subtle whisperings of the cosmos seducing us into the rolling energy that is reality at its most elemental levels. We're talking intense! This is the sound of the spinning globe of a single atom a few iinches from your face with electrons buzzing past your ears at the speed of light, the quiet hum of reality supporting our very exisitence. The potential energy of the atom teasingly licking your ears. We're talking quantum mechanics here folks, but you don't need a degree in nuclear physics to enjoy it. Chaos has never been so enticing. Buy this now!. —John Gore