Factsheet Five Review: Preacher in Naked Chase Guilty

Every few months I receive a CD that I am truly excited about getting sent in for review. Usually it's from a band or performer that I've been following for many years.

Chris Cutler have been very prolific over the years, and I probably have close to everything that he's worked on — from the early Henry Cow to the recent experimental improv stuff — I even have his books and magazine articles. When I first put on this new CD from Ponk Records it immediately reminded me of the Cutler/Frith live album, but with three performers (C.W. Vrtacek playing guitar and Thomas Dimuzio working on the sythesizers) it has a much fuller, more varried sound. Recorded live at a 1993 performance in Connecticut, it was mixed down from 66 to 44 minutes. I carefully listened to this one as is the tradition with *difficult music* and it wasn't until it played completely through that I noticed it was divided up into 25 different *cuts*. The liner notes explained how listeners are encouraged to play this disk on "shuffle play" to create a new listening experience each time. My player doesn't have that option but it's great to find unique CDs like this that truly make use of this new technology.